White Label

The White Label Trading Solutions is the main interest of the MetricTrade company.

Our newest project is the universal trading application project (ZTradePlus) which supports various operating systems and an extended set of devices (desktops/phones/tablets) with full set of features and same functionality

The universal project based in one source code for all systems and this allow fast deploy of new features with minimal debug requirements.

In the past the development of a streamline HTTP server (Phaethon Web Server), in 2003, for data, orders and trades, allowed the company to gain a big advantage over its competitors. By the year of 2010, 80% of online trades in the Athens Derivatives Market were using our client applications and powered by our servers. At 2005 the web application industry adopt a similar approach under the name AJAX technology.

In 16 years of serving the financial industry no one of our customers has replaced our systems with any competitive. The company which first adopt our trading solution (EUROXX Securities) at 2001 was at rank 25th (over 65 companies) based on trades volume in Athens market. They became first at 2012 thanks to their own efforts and the help of our systems.

We continue our efford to make things different and we hope to help end brokers and private investors to make better decisions on markets.

FIX Engine

ZFIX Engine configuration and customization suite.

ZFIX is our Fix Gateway application (Financial Information eXchange) which connects the order base of our trading platform with the order systems of other manufacturers. Through this connection, orders can be received by FIX for direct or broker assistant execution, and orders targeting foreign markets can delivered by FIX to other companies with market access.

The application supports FIX versions 4.0,4.1,4.2,4.3,4.4 and 5.0 in an initiator or acceptor role.

The ZFIX application can work in connection with Citigroup, Reuters and Fidessa FIX implementations. Connections to other systems can be easily deployed depending of our customers needs.

Our Corporate Clients

Long-Term Client Relationships

For 16 years of serving financial industry no one of our customers has been replaced our systems with any competitive.